Metallic Film

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See attached pdf for sustainability specifications

Our Metallic Films Are:
Positive Change Product
Sustainably Forested Birch & Eucalyptus Trees
No Irresponsible Clear Cutting, Ancient Forest Friendly
100% Compostable!
Industrial Compostable
Home Compostable!
Home Compostable!
Natural Cellulose!
Non-GMO ( re: the compostable cellophane film and compostable metallic film)
No Harm to Aquatic Life & No Ocean Pollution
Renewable Plant-Based Materials
100% Biodegradable & Compostable!
100% Recyclable!
Closed Loop System
Supporting Biodiversity Protecting Habitats and Eco-Systems, Supporting Indigenous Cultures
Carbon Neutral-Compost Our Wrapper (Methane gas normally produced when land filling will not occur when you compost our package!)
Carbon Reduction Non-Petroleum Product

Aqueous Based Inks For Our Custom Packaging Jobs ( re: the compostable cellophane film and compostable metallic film )

No Harm to Aquatic Life & No Ocean Pollution
No Petroleum Solvents
No Toxic Pigments

**Metallic Film Compostable Pouch

** can customize to any color!

**please call or email for details: 651 216-0110 or

** Also please ask us about sheets or rolls!


** Compostable zippers coming soon!


**label backs get recycled in "laminated paper packaging" or "office supplies" Recyclaholics Zero Waste Box! See links here:

** instead of your packaging ending up in our oceans ...grow brussel sprouts with ours! :D xo

** PLEASE compost this package at your local grocery store , restaurant or organization that composts! The earth & it's inhabitants will thank you!

when momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
-momma earth

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3rd party Certified Cradle to Cradle - Products Institute Natureworks

Declaration on Polyfluorinated Compounds