The Jane Evershed Art Collection

World Renowned Ecological Artist and Social Activist Featuring:  "The Jane Evershed Art Collection"

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 ** custom ecological printing (vetted inks and materials)

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Thank you so much for your interest in the prolific and profound  "Jane Evershed Art Collection". Jane's been painting more than 30 years!!

*Please note it is also Jane Evershed's mission to License Images ONLY using sustainable materials and processes. ( These are subject to approval thank you. We DO have many resources re: this request!  Just Ask!)


Audacious art/word sanity. I have dedicated my life's work to creating socially conscious art to counter main stream imagery, especially on behalf of women, children and our living mother earth. "Jane is the artist the world has been waiting for--in images and words she addresses the crux of the world's problems: militarism, injustice, gender and economic imbalance and yet, she also expresses the other side: great hope and joy. The color is wonderful, as well, and an important part of her statements".
Mary Beaudoin