Light Cellophane

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Lightweight Cellophane 1s00% Biodegradable and Compostable FDA Approved This film is clear and shiny. It is considered high grade packaging and is used for all types of products including the storage of food. Some food products that store well include baked goods, candies, nuts, dried fruits, spices, cake mixes, and produce/lettuce greens. It also works well for greasy and oily products.

See attached pdf for sustainability specifications

Our Compostable Films Are:
Positive Change Product
Sustainably Forested Birch & Eucalyptus Trees
No Irresponsible Clear Cutting, Ancient Forest Friendly
100% Compostable!
Industrial Compostable
Home Compostable!
Home Compostable!
Natural Cellulose!
Non-GMO ( re: the compostable metallic film and compostable cellophane)
No Harm to Aquatic Life & No Ocean Pollution
Renewable Plant-Based Materials
100% Biodegradable & Compostable!
100% Recyclable!
Closed Loop System
Supporting Biodiversity Protecting Habitats and Eco-Systems, Supporting Indigenous Cultures
Carbon Neutral-Compost Our Wrapper (Methane gas normally produced when land filling will not occur when you compost our package!)
Carbon Reduction Non-Petroleum Product

Aqueous Based Inks For Our Custom Packaging Jobs ( re: the compostable metallic film and compostable cellophane )

No Harm to Aquatic Life & No Ocean Pollution
No Petroleum Solvents
No Toxic Pigments


** Compostable Cellophane can be customized to any color!

** Also please ask us about sheets or rolls!

** Compostable zippers coming soon!



**label backs get recycled in "laminated paper packaging" or "office supplies" Recyclaholics Zero Waste Box! See links here:



** instead of your packaging ending up in our oceans ...grow brussel sprouts with ours! :D xo

** PLEASE compost this package at your local grocery store , restaurant or organization that composts! The earth & it's inhabitants will thank you!

when momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
-momma earth

** prices can fluctuate

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3rd party Certified Cradle to Cradle - Products Institute Natureworks

Declaration on Polyfluorinated Compounds

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